3D Modeling & Rendering

Matrix Design Studio can provide inhouse photorealistic images and 3D models of our designs. During design development, we use 3D models to actively work through massing concepts, roof forms, and spatial volumes in order to build projects that function beautifully in the real world, not just on paper. 3D renders help our clients visualize the 2D concepts, maximizing the design potential of the space and accelerating the approval process in order to reduce overall design time and cost.

With 3D rendering, spaces can be quickly tested, minimizing uncertainty and allowing trial and error to happen during the initial design not during construction. Highly detailed and textured models help our clients to visualize their project, inviting them to be engaged in our design process. CGI Visualization animates the project during community group meetings and permitting submittals, giving our clients a visual tool to help increase neighborhood support. Our studio provides stylized renders for work in progress and professional high quality renders for project presentations to investors, community groups, financial institutions and developers. Our photorealistic 3D renders can be used to give our clients a headstart in marketing and publicizing their project prior to construction.